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What a Water-Cooled HVAC System Can Do for Your Building

Different HVAC systems have different effects on the environment and your bottom line - see what benefits a water-cooled system might bring More... Source link...

Explore HVAC Chilled Beam Systems

Check out this alternative to a conventional VAV system: this chilled beam-cooling device separates ventilation and dehumidification.   More... Source link

Mold and Liability

Personal injury lawsuits over mold exposure aren’t going away. Protect yourself and your building. More... Source link

Stop Wasting Money on Deferred Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can lead to big savings in commercial buildings, not to mention fewer unplanned breakdowns and more consistent uptime. More... Source link

Terrifying Escalator Malfunction Injures 20+ in Rome

Reports say that monthly checks on the metro station were conducted – but some call for more action.   More... Source link

Where to Start When Your Building is Ready for Solar Energy

A recent survey revealed that 80 percent of businesses across the globe believe they will be generating a quarter of the energy they...

GridOptimal Initiative Changes Power Grid Interaction

GridOptimal, a new initiative aimed at creating better “grid citizens,” is developing metrics to analyze how buildings interact with the power grid. More... Source link...

Improving the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells

Organic solar cells typically do not convert as much electricity as traditional cells. However, a new solution could boost organic solar cell efficiency. More... Source...

Harvesting Natural Lighting

Science is helping us understand the importance of natural light, so how are interiors around the world using this knowledge?  More... Source link

Do Solar Panels Work in Bad Weather?

Solar panels achieve peak performance on clear, sunny days, but what can you do when you experience bad weather or air pollution? Try...